The Maiden Voyage: Several Reasons To Take An Inaugural Cruise

An inaugural cruise: The phrase conjures visions of champagne christenings, personality godmothers and brand-new ship facilities and amenities. Is it all it’s cracked up to be?

Here are several issues to consider when deciding if to book an inaugural cruise on the newest and greatest ship:

The concept of a maiden voyage may be confusing, as the cruise ship will have an inaugural season, during which there will be some maiden voyages of different itineraries –

(Mediterranean Inaugural!  Caribbean Inaugural! Alaska Inaugural!) Therefore, it may be hard to know when the real inaugural cruise actually occurs. Perhaps the best description of a correct maiden voyage is the first revenue-producing voyage of a new ship – that is, the first cruise for which tickets are sold to the general public.

As for the champagne and celebrities, some of these cruises do include a lot of fanfare, while on others it’s quite least.  These days, mainly ships go through a naming ceremony in a specific port and that is where much of the hoopla occurs. For instance, the recent naming of the Seabourn Sojourn by former British supermodel Twiggy happened on the River Thames in London and just bigwigs and press were in attendance.

Regardless of the pomp and circumstance, AllThingsCruise offers some fabulous reasons that an inaugural cruise is a great bet:


Cruise Lines

The cruise lines realistically expect there may be various problems to be worked out and will oftentimes compensate for what they expect to be minor inconveniences with inferior cruise fares. All aspect of the ship is still in never-been-used, pristine condition.



Shipboard routines are still being established.  Some will complain about this, saying that service and permanence are not what they will be in later voyages. AllThingsCruise suggests you accept a half-full attitude, appreciating rather than decrying that everything is not set in stone. Because the ship’s staff is still finding out what passengers desire and need, it is more likely to be flexible in getting it for them. 


Completely Brand

Who among us doesn’t like the feeling of enjoying something that’s completely brand new, and how much bigger and better is that feeling on a 150,000-ton vessel?  The boat has seen no wear and tear.


Inaugural Cruise

Each port is a new stop for a ship on an inaugural cruise so often its arrival becomes a local event.  Consider the recent U.S. coming of Royal Caribbean’s mega-ship, the Oasis of the Seas… hundreds of people turned up to watch the ship arrive to its residence port of Port Everglades, Fla.  So expect the locals to turn out to see the new ship, including politicians and local celebrities, frequently with music and other festivities.

Who among us doesn’t like the feeling of enjoying something that’s completely brand new, and how much bigger and better is that feeling on a 150,000-ton vessel?  The boat has seen no wear and tear. All aspect of the ship is still in never-been-used, pristine condition.

And finally, everybody likes to be the first to experience something.  It’s human nature.  Inaugural passengers can’t assist but feel a bit elite and a part of the ship’s history. How great is it to be able to say, oh, yes, I was on the maiden trip?

There is unquestionably something particular about being on board a cruise ship during the inaugural cruise but they do fill up early. 

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